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What is MC Swat?
Minecraft Swat is a mini-game inspired by the popular games from HALO!
The goal of the game is to use a bow to shoot at players, one-hit killing them, on a variety of FPS inspired maps.
16 players will be split into two teams: Orange, or Purple and there are THREE rounds.

Round 1: Elimination
  • All players have 5 lives.
  • Each death will remove a life.
  • 10 second respawn between lives.
  • Be the last team standing, or be the team with the most amount of lives left after 10 minutes to win the round.
Round 2: Objective
  • +3 points per kill.
  • -1 point per death.
  • Respawn instantly with 5 seconds of invincibility.
  • First team to 50 points, or the team with the most amount of points after 5 minutes to win the round.
Round 3: Time Attack
  • +1 point per kill.
  • No points removed when killed.
  • Respawn instantly with 5 seconds of invincibility.
  • The team with the most amount of points after 5 minutes wins the round.
The first team to win TWO rounds out of three WINS the game!

Are there killstreaks?
Yes! There are three types of streaks:
  • Standard: 3 Kills
  • Super: 5 Kills
  • Ultra: 8 Kills
When you reach a killstreak, you will be given a special effect that can be used anytime during the game! Select the effect in the lobby by clicking the chest in your inventory labeled "SELECT KILLSTREAKS".

By default, 3 effects are automatically unlocked for everyone! Use the bytes you gain from playing on the network to unlock the rest!

What are the achievements for this game?

  • Size Up! Kill your first player - 10 bytes
  • Pro Archer! Kill 100 players - 20 bytes
  • Elite Sniper! Kill 500 players - 50 bytes
  • Streaks? Obtain your first killstreak - 10 bytes
  • Top Shot! Go on a 5 player killstreak - [COLOR=rgb(61, 142...
IMPORTANT Welcome to the Community! Let's lay down some ground rules.
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  • Owners - Full access to the server!
  • Admins - Handles community tasks and manages the moderation team.
  • Moderators - Ask them for help! They can kick, ban, and mute players.
  • Creators - Content creators. Apply for this rank, here.
  • VIPs - Close friends of an owner. Do not ask for this rank.
  • Architect - These players have built a map or lobby that we currently use on The Codex!
  • Diamond - Highest donation tier.
  • Gold - Second highest donation tier.
  • Iron - Lowest donation tier.
  • Members - The general player, hello!
Post Respectfully
Keep in mind that there are people on the other side. Just because they may disagree with you does not mean they should be condescended to, insulted or otherwise. Discussion should stay as civil as possible, and your opinions stated in an intelligent manner.
  • Don't flame, bait, or troll. Attacking someone is unacceptable.
  • Do not ever frame others.
  • Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation. The staff (and most of the users!) aren't out to get you, or insult you at every opportunity. Just talk to us like we're people!
  • While we do not have a rule against swearing (just do not swear excessively), do not launch these insults at other members in this form. Swearing in light conversation, and swearing AT someone are two very different things. In general, a well-spoken person has no need of such words.
Do not use slurs in public threads.
If you do, you risk offending others - even those you weren't directly addressing. The public use of slurs on The Codex (site or server!) is not acceptable in any circumstances.
  • The purpose of this rule/policy change is to raise the level of mature, mutually respectful conversation on The Codex by strongly discouraging the use of well-known racial/sexual slurs. This is not intended to remove all occurrences of anyone taking offense to anything nor to affect the long-standing policy of allowing cursing in any way.
  • If a slur is reported, it will be reviewed by the staff for context and impact using a "reasonable person" standard (would a reasonable person react or be expected to react to the statement in this way?)
  • Edits of offending posts will either be requested or done by staff. Reverting those edits will draw further penalties.
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