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Important Codex Overhaul - An Update that is Out of this World
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Hello players of The Codex! As you all know our server has been under maintenance for a handful of days, and we promise there are very good reasons! We have been listened to all of the requests and bugs you have found with the network, and we are happy to say we have implemented so many new things over the last
couple of days.

The Hub & Lobby
The most obvious changes you guys will see is our new hub and game lobby. Some exciting things about our hub and lobby is the addition of a new, longer, harder parkour course to complete. Its well worth the struggle, because when completed you will get an achievement and some extra bytes that can be used towards forbidden crates, pets, apparel, hats, gadgets, etc. We added the ability to double-jump in spawn to make getting around a little bit easier, as well as adding a launch pad from the spawn area to the game portal area. Be on the lookout for special hidden Easter eggs throughout the new hub and game lobbies.

Survival Games
Survival Games has had a major overhaul! For starters, we have now made it possible for players to join a game during warm-up. That way if one of your friends is running a little behind, they can still join in on the fun!

Our Game Panel has received the most love and attention this past week. Most members wont be able to personally use the Game Panel, however, all VIP+ can now access new features to make your Survival Games experience more custom.

These changes include:
  • New Game Types: Classic Mode
    • We have added in a new Solo Mode, that will disguise all players with a random name, making it so nobody can be targeted or teamed on (teaming is against the rules in Solo Mode).
    • We also have UHC Mode, which is very similar to a normal game, however, hearts WILL NOT regenerate. To accommodate this, we have increased gold spawning and apple spawning in chests for UHC Mode. As an added bonus we have made it possible to find regeneration potions as well.
    • To combine the two for double the fun, we added Solo UHC which is a mixture of UHC Mode and Solo Mode.
    • If you aren't a fan of these modes, don't worry! We still have the original Classic Mode that you all know and love.
  • Grace Period: Off
    • Can be changed in increments of 10 seconds.
    • Up to 60 seconds.
  • Fishing Rods: Craftable
    • Enable whether fishing rods can be found in chests or have to be crafted.
  • Mutations: On
    • Allow / disallow mutating after death.
  • Sponsorships: On
    • Allow / disallow sponsoring a tribute.
  • Deathmatch: On
    • Disable the deathmatch for a shrinking world border instead.
  • Player Whitelist: Off
    • Used during tournaments.
    • Whitelisted players will become tributes.
    • Any players that aren't white-listed will automatically spawn as a spectator once the game starts.
  • Deathmatch...
Important Welcome to the Community! Let's lay down some ground rules.
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  • Development and Server Maintenance: Accessory
  • Community Manager and Creative Director: CubePro
  • Owners - Full access to the server!
  • Admins - Handles community tasks and manages the moderation team.
  • Moderators - Ask them for help! They can kick, ban, and mute players Apply for this rank, here.
  • VIPs - Large content creators. Apply for this rank, here.
  • Architect - These players have built a map or lobby that we currently use on The Codex!
  • Diamond - Highest donation tier. Currently unavailable.
  • Gold - Second highest donation tier. Currently unavailable.
  • Iron - Lowest donation tier. Currently unavailable.
  • Members - The general player, hello!
Post Respectfully
Keep in mind that there are people on the other side. Just because they may disagree with you does not mean they should be condescended to, insulted or otherwise. Discussion should stay as civil as possible, and your opinions stated in an intelligent manner.
  • Don't flame, bait, or troll. Attacking someone is unacceptable.
  • Do not ever frame others.
  • Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation. The staff (and most of the users!) aren't out to get you, or insult you at every opportunity. Just talk to us like we're people!
  • While we do not have a rule against swearing (just do not swear excessively), do not launch these insults at other members in this form. Swearing in light conversation, and swearing AT someone are two very different things. In general, a well-spoken person has no need of such words.
Do not use slurs in public threads.
If you do, you risk offending others - even those you weren't directly addressing. The public use of slurs on The Codex (site or server!) is not acceptable in any circumstances.
  • The purpose of this rule/policy change is to raise the level of mature, mutually respectful conversation on The Codex by strongly discouraging the use of well-known racial/sexual slurs. This is not intended to remove all occurrences of anyone taking offense to anything nor to affect the long-standing policy of allowing cursing in any way.
  • If a slur is reported, it will be reviewed by the staff for context and impact using a "reasonable person" standard (would a reasonable person react or be expected to react to the statement in this way?)
  • Edits of offending posts...

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