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Important Becoming a Moderator

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The Codex Staff Recruitment Process
We want the best of the best and we try to aim for perfection every time. Therefore, we are looking for players who are extremely passionate and dedicated about our network to work for our staff team. In order to join our staff team, you have to take part in a very long and thorough process that will give us all the information we need to know to make the tough decision of adding you, or declining you. In this thread, I will explain every step of the way so that you will know what to expect before applying.

The Application Stage
This is the starting line for everyone. You have spent hours, days, maybe even weeks writing your application, and you are finally ready to submit it. Before you do so, proof read it! Make sure you have included everything it is that you would like to say and double check your spelling and grammar because once it is submitted, there is no way to edit it! After you hit "Submit", all that has to be done on your part is to wait. Your application will be processed within one week by an administrator on the network. During this time period, we will be checking if you meet the most basic and quantitative requirements, such as infractions, age, play-time, etc. If you do not fail any of these initial assessments, it is placed in our admin group chat for further review by administration. We will go through your application with a fine-toothed comb, looking at honesty, previous applications, etc. After all of this has been completed, a decision will be made to either interview you or deny you based on the opinions of the admin team and the general quality of your application. If your application doesn't meet our standards, an admin will change the application's status to "Rejected" and comment under the application with a fitting reason (you will receive an alert in your "Alerts" tab). If you would like specific reasoning for your rejection or more tips on how to improve, please PM the admin with the link to your application so they can help you (PMs sent without the link to your app will be ignored).

The Interview Stage
If your application meets all of our criteria, you have "passed" the application stage and the status of your application will be changed to "Pending". However, this does NOT mean you have been accepted, as the application stage is just one part of the recruitment process. You will be sent a PM on XenForo by a respective admin inviting you to said interview. You will be asked for a date and time that best suits you to conduct the interview. After you have scheduled an interview with the admin, you will head onto Discord to conduct it. Note that all interviews must be performed verbally on our Discord platform, text-based/Skype/FaceTime/cellular interviews will not be allowed. When you arrive, you will be granted access to the interview room of choice by your interviewer. You will then be asked a series of questions designed to get to know you better as a candidate. These are usually detonated as a personality section, a section regarding The Codex, and a knowledge section. Referencing outside resources is not allowed during the interview! If you are found using such resources your interview will be automatically rejected. Keep in mind that other admins may be present at your interview. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the interview process, please let your interviewer know as soon as possible so that they can do their best to accommodate you. If you are denied at this point, you must wait between two weeks and one month before you can reapply. If you are denied due to the nature of your interview, you will receive a response within a few days. If you have not gotten any form of response on your application after that, assume you have been moved onto the observation stage.

Please remember that an interview is to be kept a secret. At no point during the recruitment process are you allowed to reveal that you had an interview, or any aspects of the interview. Leaking this fact will result in an instant denial and will hurt you chances at becoming a Moderator in the future.

The Observation Stage
After your interview, you must remain patient as the admins perform a few observations designed to act as more background checks. There's no other action required on your part aside from patiently waiting for a decision to be made. We will not release any information on how these checks are performed, or what these checks are, but they will allow us to finalize our decision. Remember, even though you have passed your interview, you are subject to denial at any time. Therefore, the best way to stay updated is to keep an eye on your "Alerts" tab on XenForo for any new notifications.

The Acceptance Stage
If you pass all stages of the recruitment process, you will be accepted! Your application status will be changed to "Accepted" and you will receive a comment under it with further instructions. We accept new Moderators periodically to prevent having an over-crowded staff team, therefore, check back on the status of your application to stay updated! You could have a pending application accepted after three weeks from your interview. The most important part of the application process is to remain patient at all times, and to keep all information classified. Applications can be pending for over a month, and whether or not you can wait that long and still remain the perfect candidate is also a great indicator of if you deserve the position or not.
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