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What is MC Swat?
Minecraft Swat is a mini-game inspired by the popular games from HALO!
The goal of the game is to use a bow to shoot at players, one-hit killing them, on a variety of FPS inspired maps.
16 players will be split into two teams: Orange, or Purple and there are THREE rounds.

Round 1: Elimination
  • All players have 5 lives.
  • Each death will remove a life.
  • 10 second respawn between lives.
  • Be the last team standing, or be the team with the most amount of lives left after 10 minutes to win the round.
Round 2: Objective
  • +3 points per kill.
  • -1 point per death.
  • Respawn instantly with 5 seconds of invincibility.
  • First team to 50 points, or the team with the most amount of points after 5 minutes to win the round.
Round 3: Time Attack
  • +1 point per kill.
  • No points removed when killed.
  • Respawn instantly with 5 seconds of invincibility.
  • The team with the most amount of points after 5 minutes wins the round.
The first team to win TWO rounds out of three WINS the game!

Are there killstreaks?
Yes! There are three types of streaks:
  • Standard: 3 Kills
  • Super: 5 Kills
  • Ultra: 8 Kills
When you reach a killstreak, you will be given a special effect that can be used anytime during the game! Select the effect in the lobby by clicking the chest in your inventory labeled "SELECT KILLSTREAKS".

By default, 3 effects are automatically unlocked for everyone! Use the bytes you gain from playing on the network to unlock the rest!

What are the achievements for this game?

  • Size Up! Kill your first player - 10 bytes
  • Pro Archer! Kill 100 players - 20 bytes
  • Elite Sniper! Kill 500 players - 50 bytes
  • Streaks? Obtain your first killstreak - 10 bytes
  • Top Shot! Go on a 5 player killstreak - 25 bytes
  • Just Like Old Times! Win your first game - 10 bytes
  • Give Me Some Competition! Win 50 games - 35 bytes
  • Not Hard Enough! Win 100 games - 75 bytes
  • No Effort! Win elimination without getting a single kill - 10 bytes
  • That's a lot of damage! Kill 20 players in elimination - 25 bytes
  • For the win! Get the last kill of an elimination round - 10 bytes
  • Why do I feel sick? Enter the opposing teams spawn area - 5 bytes
Anything else I need to know?
Nope! All you need to do now is hop on the server and enjoy the game! :)
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