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Sam (Brits/Samtreas) - Introduction


Staff member

I've been hanging about the forums as of late, and I thought it was a little barren, so I thought that some introductions are in order to break the ice!
Let's see some activity here on the forums!

So yeah, here goes:

My name is Sam, or Samuel. My alias on most websites is now Brits or BritsStuff, but back on Nexus, I was known as Samtreas.

I'm British, more specifically English, and I moved to the United States when I was pretty young.

I've played video games more or less my entire life with my earliest memory being playing Crash Bandicoot on my dad's PS1. I've also been a big Nintendo fanboy from a young age.

My favourite games include, but not limited to: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), LOZ: The Wind Waker (GC/WiiU), Undertale (PC) AND Deltarune Chp 1 (PC), Celeste (PC), Ace Attorney (DS), Hat In Time (PC), LOZ Breath of the Wild (Switch), Team Fortress 2 (PC), and of course, Minecraft.

Looking closer at Minecraft, it's likely the game I have the most total playtime in. I played it for the first time in 2010, and pretty much played it non stop until 2016.

As some may know, I was apart of the Nexus community for a large span of the server's life. I loved my time on that server, and was lucky enough to be able to become a Mod for a few months prior to the server's closure in June 2016.

After that point, I basically stopped playing Minecraft. Overwatch took the spot that Minecraft filled for a long time.

Then, during the 2019 revival of Minecraft, around the point of the game's tenth anniversary, me and my friends came back to the game. Long story short, I eventually found myself on Codex, in which here I am.

I definitely don't play Minecraft as much as I used to, in fact, The Codex is the only multiplayer server outside of small private SMP servers that I play on consistently.

That's pretty much caught up, now for a lightning round:
  • My Minecraft Username was a name I've had since I played Club Penguin back in 2006 (or so). Sam is obviously my name, but treas has no real meaning, kid me just thought it sounded neat.
  • My current username for everywhere other than MC, 'Brits', comes from people on Overwatch asking if I'm British or not, since I play on American servers. It was to answer that one specific question.
  • I ran with a red Enderman skin for much of my Minecraft Career, before coming up with my pacifist shtick, in which I started using my current skin. Speaking of:
  • My skin is of the character 'Ralsei' from Toby Fox's Deltarune.

  • My pacifist shtick is inspired by the Undertale series of games, in which one of the methods of playing is sparing all the enemies you encounter. It basically means I can't kill someone in any game type, in which it shows in the kill feed "Samtreas killed (other player). I also end up befriending a decent portion of the lobby and give items to people.
  • I started doing it on one of Shellie's streams because I thought, 'Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I did that'.
  • If I were to ever get a kill (or whatever equivalent in other modes shown with /stat), intentional or not, I will retire the pacifist playstyle, as well as my skin and 'Pacifist' tag. Basically say goodbye to free items.
  • I don't want to lose my Pacifist tag.
  • Please play TNT run more, it's the only mode that reliably gives me bytes.
  • Other than video games, I watch anime/cartoons, draw and that's about it. I don't do a whole lot. (Before the weebs ask: my favourite series is Mob Psycho and more recently, Keep Your Hands off Eizouken. My favourite childhood show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, I've probably watched the series over 10 times.)
  • I want to become an animator eventually, but I'm not especially good at art yet. I'm working on it.
  • I used to edit videos for my Youtube channel. I rarely do that anymore, but somewhat more consistently edit short 'memey' videos that often stay unlisted.
Alright, this thread is getting a bit long, so I'm going to wrap it up!

If you read all the way through to the end, thanks for reading through my rambling.

Please, by all means, make one of these for yourselves! I encourage it! Whether it be similar to how I did mine, or a little more unique, I wanna see people make their own! Let's get some life and discussion going on this website! (Of course, if you feel comfortable doing so)

I'm so happy that a server like Codex exists to not only live on in the Nexus's legacy, but also continue on to forge it's own identity. I can't wait to see where this server goes as well as helping where I can along the way!

See you guys on the server!