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[Survival Games] PERKS - 4 Perk load out (1st/2nd/Mutant/Cosmetic) for SG :D

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What is this inquiry Survival Games

Brief Summary PERKS - 4 Perk load out (1st/2nd/Mutant/Cosmetic) for SG :D

What is your suggestion Codex Perks
To add a sense of progression, players will be able to purchase and upgrade perks with Bytes. Each perk will vary in the number of upgradeable levels. Perks are not supposed to give an overwhelming advantage over other players, instead, the perks are supposed to encourage different playstyles.
Each player can have up to 4 perks in a loadout. (Players may have multiple preset loadouts). The 4 perks will consist of a Primary Perk, a Secondary Perk, a Mutant Perk, and a Cosmetic Perk. You can only have 1 of each, for example, you cannot use a 2nd Primary Perk to replace the Secondary Perk slot.
Can be disabled by a vote or mod command (on by default)

Primary Perk
These Perks are the staples of your loadout. The most impactful slot in a loadout, the Primary loadout should support or encourage a playstyle. The other perks are used to compliment this main Perk.

Mantreads (Level 1-4) If you fall from a great height near another player, you will transfer (25-50-75-90%) fall damage to them.

Rager (1-2) Getting hit with 3 projectiles in 10 seconds (Minus fishing rod) gives you a (50%-100%) dmg boost on your next hit against the spammer (Warning will be given in chat)

Dexterity (Level 1-2) After hitting someone with a bow, then immediately with a sword afterward (or vice versa) the hit will do an extra (10-15%) damage

Civil War (5 Levels) If you die, you will spawn Skeletons equal to your kill count (The max amount of skeleton you can have is equal to the perk’s level). These skeletons are trained to only pursue your killer. You will gain Bytes/Score if your skeletons kill the player.

Cold Winter? Prosperity! (1-2 Levels) You play the entire game with slowness 1, and you cannot equip armor better than Chainmail. However, in Deathmatch, you are given a Sharpness 5 + Fire Aspect 1 Golden Axe. The entire game is alert when you use this perk. (Chat will say ____ predicts a long winter)

Midas Touch (1-3 Levels) If you hit a player with your fist, you’ll have a (15-30-45%) chance to turn the item they’re currently holding into a golden nugget renamed into Fools Gold (30-second cooldown)

Secondary Perk
These Perks are your support perks. Usually, Kill effects or situational. They won’t necessarily change how you play, but they’re helpful nonetheless.

Chug (abunga) (1-3 levels) - Eating 3 food items in a row gives a random level 2 potion effect (0:3 seconds + 1 every level)

Incognito (level 1-3) Players can only see your nametag from (30-20-10) blocks away! Tracking Compasses work from (150-100-50) blocks away

Treasure Hunter (1) Have a 1% chance of finding High Tier Fishing Loots Plus Exp on Kill. becomes 10% if the target is in the water.

Dirty Deeds (1-2 Levels) Gain (5x-8x) coins and score from killing a Player who has 5+ kills

20th Century Boy (1 level) - As long as you are drowning, you are immune to all other forms of damage and have Regen 1 to slightly mitigate the drowning damage.

Magic Pouch (Level 1-3) You can sacrifice (5-4-3) Exp Levels to open a Portable Enchantment Table.

Mutant Perks
The name says it all. They don’t mix with the other Perks. That’s because they have one goal: kill your target. These are supposed to be buffs that don’t take away from each of the class's uniqueness. (These perks are all only 1 level).

The Spy - As Mutant, if you hit your target in the back, you deal twice as much damage.

No Retreat! - As a Mutant, as soon as you hit your target, you are given Resistance 1, however, you also have Wither 2.

Tenacity - For every 2.5 hearts of damage you dealt to your target, you regenerate .5 health.

Fly High - If any other player that isn’t your target hits you, they are sent backward by a non-damaging explosion. (30-second cooldown)

Don’t have much to say about this one, just a cosmetic upgrade that doesn’t affect the game. It could be bought with IRL currency.

Medium - Can see and communicate with Spectator Chat

Trail - A colorful trail follows you around

Kill Tags - special kill announcements “Chugabunga bashed Vicerz’s skull in!”

This can really be up to the server’s idea of Cosmetics

These Perks are just brainstormed ideas, they should be altered for balance. However, I'm a big fan of this 4 loadout idea :D.

Now only if Bytez were easier to get :p

Thanks to Vicerz and Samizs for help with the suggestion!~